Mitutoyo Laser Scan Micrometers

  • X- and Y-axis measurement of electric cables and fibers
  • Measurement of guide wires, catheters, or tubing
  • Measurement of film sheet thickness
  • Measurement of laser disk and magnetic disk head movement
  • Measurement of tape width
  • Dual system for measuring a large outside diameter

The LSM (Laser Scan Micrometer) is a non-contact measuring system with high scanning rates (3200scans/sec) and high accuracy. These instruments allow inspection of small, fragile workpieces at high temperature, and even while in motion or vibrating.

The Mitutoyo line of LSMs offer measurement ranges from the smallest 0.005mm diameter up to 160mm diameter with a resolution of 0.00001mm. Measurements are certified and traceable to the international standard.

Every model has RS-232C interface for connection to PC's or printers or can be setup with U-wave wireless system for automatically gathering measurement data. The Free Quicktool software simplifies setup and operation for specific models

•Non-contact laser-based measuring system, mainly for outside diameter measurement. Suitable for delicate or moving workpieces.

•Accuracy of 0.5 micrometer in the 0.1-0.25 mm can be achieved.It is highly suitable suited for pin gage measurement.

•Narrow range accouracy for high precision measurement

•Ultra High Repeatablity

•The system consist of a measuring unit (LSM-902) and a display unit (LSM-6900)