Build for the Future Promotion

Build for the Future with JH Technologies and Leica Microsystems: Buy 5 - Get One Free!
Instructor and Student Microscopes and Digital Cameras for Life and Earth Sciences

  • Many life and earth science departments are teaching with old technology because funds are limited and allocated to other uses.
  • Delaying the replacement of outdated equipment affects how information is shared with students and peers and teaching outcomes.
  • There is an ongoing cost of operating this equipment which increases with time (e.g. replacing bulbs, transformers, no option to add digital cameras, etc.).
  • Replacement parts availability diminishes over time.

 JH Technologies, Inc. and Leica Microsystems have developed recent promotions to help colleges and universities replace older classroom microscopes with world-class leading technology. For a limited time, when you buy 5 microscopes, you will receive the sixth microscope FREE OF CHARGE.

  • A new generation of Leica Microscopes for education incorporates the qualities of mechanical precision, durability, and innovation.
  • LED-based illumination eliminates costly and time-consuming bulb changes.
  • Student-proof features minimize support staff interventions.
  • Collaborative teaching and learning are enhanced when integrated digital cameras, SD cards,  and wireless image recording options are chosen.
  • Wide array of models and options permits finding an exact match for your teaching needs.

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