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Analytical Newsletter August 2021

How to Choose a Final Polishing Compound

Final Polishing Compounds for Sample Preparation

We are often asked what final polishing compound provides the best results for sample preparation. This application note describes what we use and why...

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NEW! Analytical Lab Q&A

how to mount thin samples

How do you mount a thin, flexible, delicate or soft sample to get the best performance during mechanical polishing?

One question we often get in the lab is how to mount thin or flexible samples, in order to grind and polish them without damage. This applies in particular to samples that are sensitive to higher temperatures.

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irregular shape - sample preparation

How do you mount an irregularly shaped object to a saw for sectioning?

Although Buehler, our saw manufacturer, has many options for chucks to hold samples when cutting, some samples simply do not fit. In these cases, we get creative with ways to mount samples in order to section them properly.

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