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Equipped with all of the latest lab equipment

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Thermo Fisher Apreo Scanning Electron Microscope
Dm4 M
AutoMet 300 pro front black


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Sample Preparation for Material Analysis

Cross-Sectioning/Failure Analysis

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Optical Image Analysis

Optical Image Analysis

Ion Milling

Sample Preparation for SEM

Ion Milling, Trimming, Sputter Coating


Process Optimization

Process Optimization

Process Optimization

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Hardness Testing

Hardness Testing

JH Analytical

SEM Imaging & Analysis

SEM Imaging, EDS, X-ray


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Medical Devices



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Metallography & Materials

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PCB and Electronics

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Aerospace and Aviation

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Our Services

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Sample Prep for Metallography

SimpliVac overview

Our complete lab includes the latest sample processing equipment from Buehler. Along with our applications specialists 20+ years experience we create perfect samples for optical and SEM analysis.LEARN MORE

SEM Imaging & Analysis

JH Analytical Lab Services

We are proud to incorporate Thermofishers Aperio S SEM as our core imaging tool. The SEM allows us to image everything from microelectronics and medical devices to space dust.  LEARN MORE

SEM Sample Prep

Our SEM lab includes Leica's newest trimming and ion beam milling instruments along with dual coating capability. Our ability to provide near perfect samples allows us to get the most from our SEM. LEARN MORE

Process Optimization

We love to share and help our customers understand the processes we use. As part of our services we can provide process development and process training at our lab or on-site. LEARN MORE

Our Vision, Mission & Values

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We will deliver quality sample preparation and analysis services, exceeding market turnaround times at a competitive price. The combination of these three factors provides you with the best value in the sample preparation marketplace.

We will partner with you and our suppliers to ensure the best end user experience from project definition to order placement to final delivery. We will focus on our core markets and service all customers equally regardless of size. 

Customer care, easy access, providing a helping hand, and exceptional work are what drives our team. Honesty and results are what keeps our customers coming back.