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Leica DM1000 LED

The Leica DM1000 LED features long-life LED illumination that provides near daylight, bright illumination with constant color temperature and emits less heat.

The LED also eliminates the need for lamp changes, which saves time and money. Because of its low power consumption, the system is energy efficient.Users of the Leica DM1000 LED benefit from the system’s ability to uniquely adapt to every user.

It is ideal for all clinical laboratory applications, especially for cytologyhematology, and pathology. Leica Microsystems also offers a portable, solar-powered option and battery operation for field use.

  • Life of 100,000 hours

    The LED bulb has a long product life of approximately 100,000 hours; assuming six hours of use per day, the bulb’s service life is 50 years - this saves laboratories both time and money. Low power consumption of the LED enables even battery operation.

  • Optics and contrast techniques

    A variety of optics and contrast techniques, including fluorescence, are available for cytology, hematology, pathology, and many other applications.

  • Height-adjustable focus knobs

    The unique, patented, height-adjustable focus knobs, easy-to-change stage controls, and the full range of ergonomic equipment customize the Leica DM1000 LED for individual users and make them feel better at the end of a long working day.

  • Objectives for your demand

    All high-class objectives of Leica Microsystems fit to the DM1000 LED to fulfill the highest demands. For easy marking in cytology, objectives with extreme working distance are available too.

  • Wide range of accessories

    A wide choice of suitable accessories like color-coded condensers speed up workflow, ensure reliable results, and make work more comfortable.