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Leica DM3000 & DM3000 LED

The Leica DM3000 microscopes for pathologycytologyhaematology and many other applications feature a motorized nosepiececondenser headautomated light intensity adjustment, and optional foot pedal. These intuitive microscopes improve workflows significantly.

The motorized condenser head knows the correct position for each magnification. The Leica DM3000 automatically adjusts light intensity to each objective’s requirements, stores previously used light values for each magnification, and boosts efficiency when changing between two magnifications thanks to its unique toggle mode.

  • Unique toggle mode

    Automated 6-position objective turret changes objectives in only half a second – objectives can be individually selected using the control buttons or the optional foot pedal. In addition, the unique toggle mode enables fast and comfortable changing between two user-defined objectives.

  • Various contrast techniques

    Various contrast techniques, e.g. high-performance fluorescence for brilliant fluorescence images, are enabled to power a broad range of applications.

  • Automated light adjustment

    Position of condenser head and light intensity are adjusted automatically according to the objective in use for enhanced comfort and ease of use.

  • Unique height-adjustable focus knobs

    As a modular system microscope, Leica DM3000 can be configured to fit an individual’s unique physical requirements using a variety of ergonomic equipment, like tilting tubes, and ergonomic modules. Its unique height-adjustable focus knobs are patented and allow the adjustment to the hand size and posture of the user.

  • New LED illumination

    Now all these advantages can be viewed in a different light. Leica DM3000 and Leica DM3000 LED feature the same performance enhancing advantages either with halogen illumination or with extra long-life LED.

    Bright, similar to daylight illumination at a low power consumption delivers reliable results while saving energy. Thanks to the carefully selected LED, the specimen appears in the proper light.

  • Freely programmable control buttons

    All control buttons, including the buttons of the optional footswitch, are freely programmable according to the preferences of the user.

    Change of light intensity, objectives, on/off mode for transmitted light in fluorescence mode – the users have the choice of how to adapt the microscope to their requirements.