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Leica M205 A

The modular Leica M205 A, the world’s first stereo microscope to offer 20.5:1 zoom, resolves structural detail down to 476 nm.

Through the simultaneous combination of maximum depth of focus and high resolution, Leica Microsystems’ Fusion Optics™ technology allows you to clearly see more details of the sample.

This fully automated stereo microscope is the perfect imaging system solution. Capable of performing various tasks with only a few mouse clicks, the Leica M205 A makes work faster and easier.

  • FusionOptics™

    FusionOptics™ - combines high resolution and depth of field together for ideal 3-D optical image

  • Motorized zoom

    Motorized zoom – for easy, consistent, reproduction of settings which reduces potential error

  • Fully apochromatic 20.5:1 zoom

    Fully apochromatic 20.5:1 zoom – provides detailed imaging and reduces need to change to another instrument

  • Microscope Assistant

    The Leica integrated Microscope Assistant allows you to benefit from the full digital integration of microscope, illumination and microscope camera