cyberTechnologies Vantage 2

  • 3D Scanning System
  • User Friendly Sophistcated Software
  • Ultra Fast Data Acquisition
  • Compact design
  • Confocal White Light Sensor
  • Interferometer

The cyberSCAN VANTAGE 2 is a non-contact surface metrology system which combines high resolution confocal sensor technology with a hi-speed, hi-accuracy X,Y translation stage. The system can measure large areas up to 200 mm with maximum X,Y, & Z-resolution.

All electronic components are integrated into a robust housing requiring no cables or external controllers. The system is connected with a single USB cable to PC or workstation. The proprietary and user friendly cyberTECHNOLOGIES Software offers sophisticated surface metrology analysis and automated measurement routines.

Applications include

  • Coplanarity of BGA Components
  • 3D Metallization Measurment on Solar Cells
  • Thick-Film 3D Profiling of Hybrid Circuits
  • Surface Analysis of Optical Components
  • Fuel Cell Profiling



•Fast, accurate magnetic linear motors provide hi-speed scanning

•Measurement speed: 2 kHz / 4 kHz allows faster data collection

•Large scanning are of 200 mm travel in X & Y and lateral resolution of 0.05 µm

•2D profiles and 3D topographical maps (topography measurement)

•Chromatic white light sensors and Interferometer

•High resolution camera