EZcheck Microscope

  • Flexible for use anywhere in manufacturing environment
  • Perfect for inspection and quality control
  • Measurement capability
  • Quickly add notes to image
  • Great for communicating with colleagues
  • Easy to use tablet operating system which can be configured for multi-language use

The JH Technologies EZcheck digital microscope product line is the fastest and easiest inspection and documentation system available for today.

The magnification range from 2X to 270X can be used for anything from solder joint inspection to complete assembly inspection.

At under $5000, EZcheck is the most affordable digital microscope available on the market today.

  • Easy to use touch screen tablet

    Point and shoot, no training needed, no computer or monitor required.

  • Instant collaboration

    Share images instantly via wi-fi- or email.

  • Take high resolution pictures or HD video

    Create training videos and document processes for ISO qualification. Save images and video to SD card, USB drive, or internal drive.

  • Low cost digital microscope

    Includes capabilities of currently available high end digital microscopes.