Hamamatsu Flash 4.0

  • Standard scan mode with 1.9 electrons rms (1.3 electrons median) read noise
  • 4.0 megapixels with 6.5 x 6.5 µm pixel size
  • 100 frames/s at full resolution with Camera Link
  • 30 frames/s at full resolution with USB 3.0

The ORCA-Flash4.0 V2 offers unrivaled flexibility across a wide range of imaging applications. Easily change from USB 3.0 to Camera Link connectivity. Switch from a blazing fast scan to a virtually noiseless slow scan by a simple click in software. Use our Lightsheet Readout Mode™ for seamless integration with light sheet microscopy systems.


  • Larger field of view
  • Shorter exposure times for less photo toxicity
  • High-speed movie capture
  • Fluorescence details not previously visible
    • Global exposure flexibility

      The ORCA-Flash4.0 V2 has an added Global Reset function, so you can acquire global exposures and choose to have either an external source or the camera be master of the timing.

    • Wide field of view and high resolution

      With 4.0 megapixels at 6.5 µm x 6.5 µm each, the ORCA-Flash4.0 V2 offers a field of view 2.5 times larger than a standard EM-CCD.

    • Two scan speeds

      The ORCA-Flash4.0 V2 features two scan modes: a blazing fast scan (standard) or a virtually noiseless slow scan. The fast standard scan produces a read noise of 1.9 electrons rms (1.3 electrons median), which is suitable for most experiments. The slow scan with read noise of 1.5 electrons rms (0.9 electrons median) is designed for experiments where lower noise is more important than raw speed. Both the USB 3.0 and Camera Link configurations of the camera have this low noise capability.

    • Lightsheet Readout Mode™

      To enable the best speeds and synchronization for light sheet microscopy, the ORCA-Flash4.0 V2 configured with the Camera Link interface can be read out using the Lightsheet Readout Mode™ feature. In this mode, the camera’s Gen II sCMOS sensor is read out in one sweep across the sensor from top to bottom or bottom to top.