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Leica DMi1

Leica has broken the $3000 price barrier for routine tissue culture microscopy! The DMi1 inverted microscope has the modularity, flexibility, and high quality optics you expect from a Leica product.

Its operation is so intuitive, and its handling is so comfortable that you can fully concentrate on your work. Choose the functions you need, and, if necessary, you can easily add a variety of accessories that are important for your work.

  • Large Working Distance

    The two-condensers-option offers 40 – 50 mm or 80 mm working distances. The s40 / 0.45 condenser provides a 40 + 10 mm free space by simply moving it up. The s80 / 0.30 condenser can be implemented with a few steps and offers 80 mm working distance. No need to remove the illumination arm!

  • LED Illumination

    The 5W LeD illumination provides a constant color temperature through all stages of light intensity. Up to 20 years life cycle (40 working hours/week) per lamp under regular conditions and a 2-hour auto-off mean less downtime and low maintenance costs.

  • Auto Intensity

    A smart sensor integrated into the slider makes sure that the light intensity automatically adjusts between brightfield and phase contrast. This feature protects the eyes, saves time, and adds comfort for the user.

  • Convenient HD Imaging

    The 2.5 or 5.0 megapixels camera captures images and videos by remote control. Data can be stored directly on an SD card. HDMI monitors can be connected to the camera’s HDMI port without the need for a PC. (Leica DMi1 camera version)

  • Easy Phase Contrast

    Leica microsystem’s 10x, 20x, and 40x phase contrast objectives share the same light ring, meaning users no longer have to worry about matching light rings to objectives when changing magnifications.

  • Leica Quality

    The Leica DMi1 is made of high-grade materials that help avoid vibrations and resulting image blur. A scratch-resistant stage, high-quality optical components, and a wide range of accessories promote a long product life with low maintenance costs.

  • Flexibility

    The object guide (accessory) allows the use of different holding frames for flasks, dishes, and multi-well plates.