Leica DMS300

  • Top-of-the-line optics
  • 1080p HD Video with 30fps Video
  • 2.5MPixel Camera
  • SD video card slot!
  • HDMI Direct Connect to Monitor
  • 10" 720p Monitor Included!
  • LAS (Leica Application Suite) Software¬†


The Leica DMS300 digital microscope system used for digital inspection, observation and measurement.

Take a fresh look at your samples on a monitor without the need of eyepieces. High-quality, full color still images as well as Full-HD movies are possible.

The Leica DMS300 with coded zoom optics can be used as stand-alone or connected to a computer offering accurate 2D-measurements by using Leica Application Suite (LAS) software.


  • Convenient and easy to use, with or without software or computer.
  • Save your back and eyes.
  • Takes up less bench space than a traditional stereomicroscope, PC and monitor. Will easily fit in the hood!
  • Takes incredible images and stunning HD videos captured to a standard SD card - you can even use wireless SD cards for instant sharing and collaboration with your smartphone or tablet!
  • Can also be paired with software for your advanced image analysis needs.
  • Fast Live Images

    Fast, high resolution live images in Full HD resolution with up to 30fps. This nearly eliminates any image delays because of the fast camera, making inspection of the product/biological sample, or observation of an experiment, simple and easy.

  • Standalone Operation

    The Leica DMS300 settings are customizable via an IR wireless remote control. Functions such as capture / review images or movie clips can be selected by a simple push of the button.

    The built-in CMOS camera can capture 2.5 Mpixel still images or Full-HD movie clips within seconds directly to a SD card without the need of a computer.

  • Ergonomic

    The Leica DMS300 is inherently ergonomic! This is due to the completely digital output of the digital microscope system as there are no eyepieces to adjust for each user. The monitor can be quickly and easily adjusted for multiple users.

  • Telecentric Optics

    When accurate measurement is a must, you need superb optics. The Leica DMS300 can be outfitted with telecentric optics making it a vital part of a digital microscope system for measurement.