Lieca LAS X

  • Focus on your sample with exclusive full screen image
  • Show and expand the function buttons you need
  • Customize report templates for your test protocols
  • Set up individual user profiles to configure the microscope and camera according to operator’s skills
  • Focus on your sample in full screen size
  • Wide range of report templates
  • Easily Reproduce Settings

If you work in quality control/assurance, failure analysis, research and development, or in forensics, searching for the detail can take up a lot of your time in microscopy.

The Leica DVM6 digital microscope is fast, reliable and easy to use for every user. It is the perfect solution that combines outstanding optics, intuitive operation and smart software to save you time.

With the DVM6, you can get from the big picture to smallest details in an instant. You can seamlessly carry on working even if changing objective is required, as the sample always stays in focus and no pre-adjustments are needed. With the tilting function you can observe your sample from different angles from up to ±60°. And, it's easy to use with one-handed operation for tilting, objective changes, focus, and stage movement.

Image quality is impeccable using famous Leica PlanAPo optics, a high resolution camera, and LED illumination options that produce excellent contrast on any sample. Three objective options get you from 12X to 2350X magnification at 425nm resolution.

The DVM6 offers 2D and 3D images, manual and motorized stage for automated image stitching, 2D and  3D measurement, in an easy to use and flexible platform.

  • Manual or motorized versions

  • All system components encoded – also for the manual version

  • Motorized versions are hybrid and can be operated manually as well for fast coarse positioning

  • Zoom module with 16:1 zoom range

  • Integrated 10-megapixel high-resolution camera

  • PlanApo-corrected Leica optics with long working distance

  • Motorized and software-controlled Iris diaphragm

  • Integrated ring light and coaxial LED illumination

  • Snap-on adapters for ring light contrasting (polarizer, diffusor, low angle illumination)

  • Backlight illumination for translucent samples

  • Tilting stand for one-handed operation, tilting from -60° to +60°

  • Focus drive with a travel range of 60 mm

  • XY stage with a travel range of 70 mm x 50 mm

  • Autofocus with two options: one shot on region of interest, or continuous autofocus

  • LAS X software

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