Replacement Parts

Scopes and light sources have parts that are consumables. We want to make it easy for you to get your parts quickly and efficiently so you if ready for you when you need it to work.

Below are the replacement parts that we sell. We carry replacement parts including bulbs, light sources, lamp houses, halogen and fluorescent bulbs.

This section allows you to find the consumable components for your equipment. If you can't find the part you are looking for please contact us.

Item # Item Name Product used on Item Description
10450008 Bulb, Halogen 12V/20W TL ST, TL RCI Halogen reflector bulb 12 V 20 W for Transmitted light Base on Stereofluorescence scope Leic
11500321 Bulb,100w, Hg gas discharge 100W 12v Mercury bulb HBO103W/2
11504120 Bulb Hg HXP R120.45C EL6000 Lamp Hg HXP R120 / 45C - for Leica Fluorescence lightsource
1000062 Bulb,120v50w,BLX,Incandescent Bulb,120v50w,BLX,Incandescent, BA15D Base
1000207 Bulb, DNF JCR21V-150W Halogen Bulb,12v5w,JC, BA9S bayonet base single
1000832 Bulb,12v5w,JC,BA9S 6V20W,G4, C-6, 2000 hours
1000866 Bulb,6v20w,G4
1000968 Bulb, 120v, 100w JCV120V-100W Bulb, 120v, 100w JCV120V-100WGB/BA15D
1001021 Bulb,120v60w/W,JDR Bulb,120v60w/W,JDR
1001107 Bulb,12v10w/M, JR Bulb,12v10w/M, JR
1001121 Bulb, 24v35w, Halogen
1001501 Bulb,120v50w,50par20/FL/L Bulb,120v50w,50par20/FL/L,5000 hours
1002143 Bulb,12v10w,/M/A,w/alm reflect Bulb,12v10w,/M/A,w/alm reflector
10-2790.00 Bulb,14v25w,f/D102 BF Stand D102 Bulb,14v25w,f/D102 BF Stand
10370881 Bulb, Halogen 6V/10W, M420 M420 Halogen bulb, 6V/10W, M420
10384643 Bulb, f/Surgical microscope M650,651,655,691,695,840 Halogen bulb 12V/50W, centered, for M650/M651/M655/M690/M691/M695/M840
10445155 Bulb, 6v20w
10447056 Bulb,8v20w,Y99702, f/KL200N KL200 & L2 Bulb,8v20w,Y99702, f/KL200N & L2 Lightsources (Osram #64255)
11500078 BULB 6V/0,04A BULB 6V/0,04A
11500079 BULB W 1,8 D BULB W 1,8 D (use: 11302053017004)
11500096 Bulb,6v10w,(Osram 5001) Bulb, 6V 10W (Osram 5001)
11500137 Bulb,50w,Hg gas discharge DM IL Ultra-high-pressure Hg gas discharge bulb HG 50W (HBO50W/AC/L2) for DMIL (11504066 lamphouse
11500139 Bulb,75w, Xe gas discharge
11500182 Bulb, Halogen 12V 50W 12V 50W tungsten halogen lamp, as replacement
11500245 Bulb, Halogen 6V 20W 6V 20W tungsten halogen lamp, as replacement
11500296 Bulb,6v4w,Halogen-mini Halogen-mini-bulb 6V 4W
11500309 Bulb,6v10w, f/MD Bulb, 6V 10W f. MD
11500315 Bulb,15v150w, Halogen Halogen bulb 15V 150W
11500317 Bulb,12v30w, Halogen f/DMLS2 DL & LS2 Bulb,12v30w, Halogen for DM LS & LS2
11500318 Bulb, 6v5w, base E 10 Bulb 6V 5W, base E 10
11500321 Bulb,12v100w,Hg,HBO103W/2 DM IRB 100W 12v Mercury bulb HBO103W/2 (for 11504069 lamphouse) Used on DMIRB
11500322 Bulb,6v35w, Halogen,f/DMIL DM IL Bulb,6v35w, Halogen,f/DMIL (Osram# 64275)
11500974 Bulb,12v100w,FCR,64625 FCR 12V100W,(FCR) ,(Osram# 64625)
11590910 Bulb, Halogen 24V 250W Halogen lamp 24V 250W
11599009 Bulb,6v20w, f/oblique light DMC Bulb, 6V 20W for oblique light heat protecting filter and dispersion disc 2 halogen lamps 6V
11700065 Bulb, Halogen 6V 10W MPV Halogen bulb 6V 10W for pilot illumination of the MPV SP measurement diaphragm
13312125 Bulb, 115v15w
13313125 Bulb,115v15w,Zoom 2000 Zoom 2000 15W 115V BULB f/Zoom 2000
13313130 Bulb, Fluorescent
13313131 Bulb, daylight blue
13313175 Bulb, f/NCHLS IL, use 8000066 NCHLS BULB FOR NCHLS IL,1460X, 6volt, 2.75amp (8000066)
13313176 Bulb,5pk, f/NCHLS IL,1460X NCHLS
13313360-40 Bulb, Halogen Ill w/3Step Var
13496025 Bulb, 20w/CME CME
13583-025 Bulb,for Coaxial Illuminator
13596025 Bulb,20w/DME DME
13596030 Bulb,35w,Halogen f/DME DME
13611000 Bulb, 15w 115v
13624000 Bulb, 10w 6v, Phillips Bulb, 10w 6v, Phillips # (7387)
13630000 Bulb, f/Reflected Light Z2000 Replacement bulb for Reflected Light 15W HAL LAMP 150 used on Z2000
13631000 Bulb, 6v9w, Halogen, f/ATC2000 TC2000
13634000 Bulb, 0.35 amp (GEZ52) DME Bulb, 0.35 amp (GEZ52) for pointer arrow on DME Dual Teaching Head
18-217 Bulb,Superlight 2 white,w/adp
31173100 Bulb,12v75w, Halogen KL750 (USE EFN) Halogen reflector bulb 12 V/75 W, KL 750 S/F part #Y99703 For KL750
31253000 Bulb for KL2500, use ELC KL2500 Lamp Halogen 24V/250W (ELC/Y99704) for KL2500 LCD (31250201/Y97120)
380018-2520 Bulb,12v60w,for Leitz scopes Leitz scopes 12V60W, for Leitz scopes
45PAR16/CAP/NSP Bulb,Phillips,Halogen
5000857 Bulb,50w,Hg,USH-50AC2 Bulb,50w,Hg,USH-50AC2, high intensity discharge, short arc Hg burners
8000066 Bulb,f/Nic. Illum., 6v2.75amp NCHLS Bulb for Nicholas Illuminator, 6volt, 2.75amp (SM1460X), (13313175)
8000257 Bulb,14v25w Bulb,14V25W
8000269 Bulb,6v15w,Osram(12/cs) Bulb,6V15W,Osram(12/cs)(equals 11500012)
8000300 Bulb, 15w6v, SM-8C103 SCI Bulb, 15w6v, SM-8C103, SCI/Medical Lamp, Incandescent, lamp life approximately 200 hours, T8
8014495 Bulb,100w,Hg,f/106z housing 106Z
8043075 Bulb, blue, UV
8043076 Bulb, white, standrd, f/FL1000 FL1000 White/Standard bulb f/ Micro-Lite FL1000
973-365 Bulb, black,Fluorescent FL1000
973-510 Bulb, daylight,Fluorescent
973-550 Bulb, white,Fluorescent
973-585 Bulb, yellow,Fluorescent
973-600 Bulb, Superlight Lrge /w
973-605 Bulb, black/blue, large
A08110 Bulb,f/EJA lamp EJA
A08120 Bulb,EKE A205XX/A208XX series Bulb, EKE
A08130 Bulb,DDL DDL Bulb, DDL
A20901 Bulb, 50 watt, for MHR-50 LtSr A20900 Bulb, 50 watt, for MHR-50 LightSource (A20900) - short-arc metal halide lamp (HID - high int
BAB Bulb, 12v20w, Halogen MHR-50
BRL Bulb,12v50w Bulb,12V50W
DDL Bulb,20v150w Bulb,20V150W
DDS Bulb,21v80w Bulb,21V80W
DED Bulb, 13.8v 85w Halogen DED Bulb, JCR13.8V-85W Halogen Reflector (1000180)
EFN Bulb,12v75w,for KL750,Y99703 KL750 Bulb,12V75W,for KL750 (Y99703/31173100)
EFP Bulb,JC12v100w Bulb,JC12V100W
EFR Bulb,15v150w,for KL1500 KL1500 Bulb,15V150W(Y99701),for KL1500 Classic, E & LCD (31153000)
EJA Bulb,21v150w Bulb,21v150w
EJV Bulb,21v150w Bulb,21v150w
EKE Bulb,21v150w for A205XX,A208XX A205XX/A28XX Bulb,21v150w, for Fostec Light Sources: A20500, A20510, A20520, A20530, A20560, A20570, A205
EKZ Bulb,10.8v30w Bulb,10.8v30w
ELC Bulb, 24v250w,Halogen,Y99704 KL2500 Bulb,24v250w,Halogen (Y99704/31253000),for KL2500 LCD (KL2500 part# is 31250201)
ELD Bulb,21v150w,Halogen Bulb,21v150w,Halogen
ENL Bulb,12v50w Bulb,12v50w
EPT Bulb,10.8v42w,Low Color Temp Bulb,10.8v42w,Low Color Temp
EPV Bulb,14.5v90w,f/Intralux Intralux Bulb,14.5v90w,f/Intralux
EPX Bulb, 14.5v, 90w for older ACE ACE Bulb, 14.5 volt, 90 watt, for older ACEs
ESB Bulb,6v20w,10362658/FHE Bulb,6v20w,(10362658/FHE/Osram# 64250)
EVA Bulb,12v100w, Osram 64623 Bulb,12v100w, Osram 64623
EVW Bulb,82v250w Bulb,82v250w
FCB Bulb,6w,FCB74L/WW Bulb,6w,FCB74L/WW,warm white-3600 Kelvin, part number 3000127
FCR Bulb,12v100w,11500974,64625 DM IRB / DMLM Bulb,12v100w,Halogen(11500974, Osram# 64625)(use for DMIRB Transmitted Light) DMLM
FDV Bulb,24v150w,JC Bulb,JC24v150wC
FL150 Bulb,white, f/FL1000 Ringlite FL1000 Bulb,white, f/FL1000 Ringlite
FTB Bulb,12v20w Bulb,12v20w
FTD Bulb,12v20w Bulb,12v20w, part number 1000621
FXL Bulb,82v410w,f/projector Protector Bulb,82v410w,f/projector, part number 1000636
GE790 Bulb,14v25w,Halogen,(10-2790)
JC12V-20W Bulb,12v20w/G4 Bulb,12v20w
JC6V-10W Bulb,6v10w,halogen Bulb,6v10w,halogen
JC6V-30W Bulb,6v30w,halogen Bulb,6v30w,halogen
MA305/05 Bulb,8w,daylight,6500K Spare Ring,fluorescent tube,8 watt,DL (daylight),6500K
MA560 Bulb
MA561 Bulb
MV-7341 Bulb,16v50w,ELS/ELR ELS/ELR Bulb,16v50w,ELS/ELR, Surface Lamp, part number 1000323
MV-7352 Bulb Socket
O661176 Bulb, OPT, PE175BF, Ozone-free
USH1020 Bulb,100w Bulb,100w,USH-102D,part number 5000273,high intensity discharge,short arc Hg burners
USH102DH Bulb,100w,Mercury Bulb,100w,USH-102DH,part number 5000274,high intensity discharge,short arc Hg burners
V14364 Bulb,220v, Fiberoptic Bulb,220v, Fiberoptic
VE-182-A0836 Bulb socket assembly - 15V TS3/240&TS4/268 Bulb socket assembly for TS3/240 & TS4/268, 15V
VE-LAM0213 Bulb Recepticle for Microscope
Y99703 Bulb for KL750-use EFN KL750 look up:EFN,(12v75w) f/KL750 (same as 31173100)
Y99704 bulb for KL2500 - use ELC KL2500 Lamp, 24v250w, Halogen (ELC/31253000) for KL2500 LCD (31250201/Y97120)