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Leica A60F/S Stereozoom Inspection and Rework Microscope Promo


August 9, 2022 to September 30, 2022


Save up to 28% on the best stereo microscope in it's class

  • The Leica A60 has features that the competition does not have at a price that approaches low cost "no name" brands
  • Buy 5 at the discounted price and get the 6th one free

Leica A60S/F Stereozoom Rework Package $2170 (Leica list price $2713)

  • Eyepiece 10x/23B eyepieces for eyeglasses
  • Boom Stand or FlexArm Stand
  • LED RL - A60
  • 0.63x Objective & Adapter (Working distance 155mm/6")

Leica A60S/F Stereozoom Inspection Package $1883(Leica list price $2354)

  • Eyepiece 10x/23B eyepieces for eyeglasses
  • Boom Stand or FlexArm Stand
  • LED RL - A60
  • Working distance 110mm/4"

"The Power of FusionOptics" Article

Learn how the A60 can help you save on your inspection and rework processes!

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Leica A60 F (Flex Arm Stand) & A60S (Swing Arm Stand) Overview

Leica A60F Image
A60 F

The Leica A60 stereo microscope system configured as a "F" or "S" is best in class tool for all industrial inspection, assembly, rework, and quality control tasks. 

Featuring "Fusion Optics" this microscope makes your process faster with more accuracy whether you are in the electronics, medical device, or machine tool industries. 

Compared to conventional stereomicroscopes, the Leica A60 F/S gives you 100% more depth of field reducing the need to refocus along with 30% more viewing area. The energy-saving LED illuminator makes lamp replacement unnecessary, lowers operating costs and protects your eyes with the diffuser. The system is manufactured with static dissipative materials making this instrument ESD safe.

Simply the best inspection microscope in its class!

A60 S

Swing arm configuration

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