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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving 2020

At the beginning of 2020 my eyes were bright and filled with visions of opportunity. By March the opportunities were even greater.

As an organization we were challenged to rethink our business, focus on the important things, and plan and implement changes.

First and most importantly, we considered the health and safety of our families, our staff, and you.

We designed changes that enabled us to continue serving you in the safest way possible through virtual demonstrations, socially distanced events, and strict protocols. I am thankful that this diligence resulted in just one minor COVID case on our team.

We created safety materials, built a remote learning program for educators, loaned equipment to help with the new “virtual learning” environment, and affordably rented instruments to support at-home-learning for high school students. We even developed a safety product designed to keep instruments users safe in the new normal.

I am thankful for my vigilant and always positive wife, my diligent children who never give up, and all of our staff that bring caring, character, creativity and commitment to serving you. Thank you to our customers, suppliers, and vendors for your support and understanding.

And a very special thanks to those health care workers who risk everything to help others.

There is nothing more powerful than “will.” The will to move forward. The will to help others.

This year and as we approach 2021, we are up to the challenge.

Cheers and a Happy Thanksgiving to all.

John Hubacz
President & CEO