JH Technologies has refocused our website on applications. We wanted to do this because we felt customers would search for application specific terms over product names. We also want to offer you knowledge and insight as opposed to simply providing a piece of equipment. Please let us know what you think.

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    We have a class of applications called Microtechnology because of the amount of applications that include microelectronic and micro-mechanical...

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    At JH Technologies we see the Material Science application space including work that is being done to generate novel materials or variations...

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    Many people remember in school when they used a microscope, or even a magnifying glass, to get a closer look at onion cells, leaves, bugs, and other typically biological samples. So...

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    Medical device manufacturing (MDM) in our eyes is a sub-segment of Microtechnology. Catheters, stents, pacemakers...

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    The Industrial segment of our business encompasses several specific industries. Water and wastewater treatment plants...

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    "Semiconductor" for JH Technologies includes applications in which customers are dealing with semiconductor front-end of line (FEOL) and back end of line (BEOL)...

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    Crime labs are heavy users of optical imaging systems. Imaging is used to identify materials, identify human characteristics...

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    Life Science research focuses on all the live-cell imaging techniques where live cells are observed with microscopes...

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    More diseases are being identified everyday. More patients are needing to know which diseases they have contracted everyday. More scientists are studying how these diseases are fought in the body. All this falls under pathology and as noted it is growing...

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