Buehler Precision Vises

  • Ensure Consistent Sectioning Results
  • Clamp Irregular Samples
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Precision sectioning is used for a wide variety of sample shapes and sizes. Buehler's line of precision vises offer a solution for nearly all specimens.

•Proper specimen clamping is critical to achieving the desired results. Making sure the sample is presented properly to the blade and doesn't move during the cut leads to the desired precise sectioning results

•Often times, the samples being cut are not standard shapes and a unique clamping solution is required. Buehler's vises offer solutions for varying shapes and sizes to allow for precise cut locations.

Buehler IsoMet High Speed                                     Buehler IsoMet High Speed Pro                   


Buehler IsoMet 1000 Precision Cutter                        Buehler IsoMet Low Speed                   ;


Buehler PetroThin                                                       Buehler Flange Sets