EcoMet™ 30 Semi-Automatic Grinder Polisher

  • Routine Grinding and Polishing Made Easy
  • Easy to Clean User selectable rinse and spin function
  • Thoughtful Design Elements

The EcoMet 30 provides simple operation for routine grinding and polishing. The user-friendly touchscreen interface puts all regularly used functions on the front screen with no complicated menus that can add time to the process. Ideal for users who have a dedicated machine for each step in their process, the EcoMet 30 saves time with advanced cleaning features. Durability tested over 2500 hours and flexible enough to be compatible with 8in [203mm], 10in [254mm] and 12in [305mm] platens.

•Intuitive touchscreen interface.

•No complicated menus

•Focus on everyday use features

•Easy to remove platens

•Large straight path draining system

•Touchscreen location and angle is easy to see and easy to reach for users of various heights

•All cast aluminum design adds stability and durability

EcoMet™ 30 Semi-Automatic Grinder Polisher

      DVM6 Quick demo  

SpecificationsEcoMet30 AutoEcoMet30 Auto Twin
Machine Power100-240VAC,50/60Hz,1 phase
Motor Power440W
Platen Diameter8in [203mm], 10in [254mm], 12in [305mm]
Platen Wheel Speed50-500rpm in 50rpm increments
Wheel DirectionPlaten: Counter-Clockwise
Head Direction: Clockwise/Counter-Clockwise
Base & Head Power Usage1kW, 8.8/4.3A @115/230VAC
Touch Screnn Control PanelFull color LCD Screen,7in [75mm]diagonal
Base & Head Sound Rating65dB @500rpm/200rpm
Head Motor Power300W
Water Supply Pressure40-116 psi (2.7-8 bar)
Head Wheel Speed30-200rpm in 10rpm increments
Central Specimaen Force5-40lbs[25-200N]
Single Specimen Force1-10lbs[5-40N]
Central Force Specimen Capacity1in,1.25in,1.5in,25mm,30mm,40mm
Single Force Specimen Capacity1in,1.25in,1.5in,25mm,30mm,40mm
Air Supply Hose0.25in [6mm] OD tube
Air Supply Pressure≥0.4Mpa
Weight165 lbs (75kg)231.5 lbs (105kg)
ComplianceCE Directives

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