Model PC-220 Hot Plate

  • Low-profile design
  • Bright-white Pyroceram™ brand glass ceramic top
  • Easy-clean top
  • Stronger, larger magnet
  • Closed-loop stirring
  • Hot top indicator light
  • Built-in Rod holder

“Spill Trough” design channels spills away from electronics and controls.

Support rod mount included for attachment of a standard retort rod for thermometer, buret, etc.

LED lights for Power, Heat and Stir. Hot Top Indicator light warns when top is too hot to touch (140°F).

A separate temperature sensor provides foolproof power cut-off. Each unit comes complete with a stir bar and comprehensive instructions.

Temperature range: 25 to 550°C (77 to 1022°F). Stirring range: 60-1100 RPM.

  • Low-profile design conserves lab space
  • Bright-white Pyroceram™ brand glass ceramic top provides uniform heating and better visibility
  • Easy-clean top is highly resistant to scratches, corrosion, and chemicals
  • Stronger, larger magnet improves stir bar coupling and stirring speed capability, automatic adjustment to large increases in speed minimizes decoupling
  • Reduced maintenance times and costs
60 to 1100rpm
25° to 550°C
5.8 in.
5.07 lb.
UL, cUL, IEC 1010, CE, GS
Hot top indicator alerts when top plate temperature exceeds 60°C/140°F (even if unit is shut off), housing designed to deflect spills away from electronics and controls
Pyroceram™ Glass Ceramic
10.16 x 12.7cm
25 to 550°C
77° to 1022°F
1 x 0.37 in. Stir Bar
120Vac 60Hz
4 x 5 in.