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Our Applications

microtechnology applications


Microtechnology encompasses a wide array applications involving microelectronic and micro-mechanical parts and assembly of those parts Learn More

medical device applications

Medical Device

Medical device manufacturing (MDM) in our eyes is a sub-segment of Microtechnology Learn More



Wilson Universal Hardness Testers and AutoMet Grinder-Polishers - Ideal for High-Throughput Environments Learn More
material science applications

Material Science

The Materials Science application space includes research and production efforts to generate novel materials and/or variations of existing materials Learn More

education applications


Educational tools are also being used at museums, aquariums, and parks to bring some incredibly fascinating knowledge from the ‘micro world’ to the general public Learn More
sample preparation for electron microscopy

Sample Preparation for Electron Microscopy

In the field of electron microscopy, perfect sample preparation is a prerequisite and crucial step Learn More
electronics & semiconductor applications


The Semiconductor application space includes both front-end of line (FEOL) and back end of line (BEOL) semiconductor production and R&D processes Learn More
forensic applications

Forensics Overview

Crime labs make heavy use of optical imaging systems. Imaging is used to identify materials, identify human characteristics, or tie a weapon to a crime Learn More
industrial applications


Water and wastewater treatment plants need to monitor water quality at the incoming stage, throughout processing, and the end stage when the purified water is released Learn More
clinical applications


More diseases are being identified everyday. More patients are needing to know which diseases they have contracted everyday Learn More