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Medical Device

Medical device manufacturing (MDM) in our eyes is a sub-segment of Microtechnology. Catheters, stents, pacemakers, implantable insulin pumps,glucose meters, thermometers, biochips, and microfluidic test cells all go through the same steps of design verification, assembly, quality assurance and inspection, and defect analysis we see in Microtechnology. MDM typically has several unique requirements that we broke it out into its own application space. Many of these requirements come from the Food and Drug Administration while other are set by our bodies and how they react. A very easy example to pick out is that quality and reliability of these devices must be many times higher than the quality and reliability of your garden variety microtechnology device. If a medical device were to fail there is the possibility of life and death consequences, where if your cell phone or laptop fails replacement may be covered by a warranty.

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