Microtechnology encompasses a wide array applications involving microelectronic and micro-mechanical parts and assembly of those parts. This class of applications stretches across a wide swath of industries from defense and consumer electronics to telecommunications and photonics. Design verification, assembly, quality assurance and inspection, and defect analysis are segments in which customers need to see these devices.  Today you are hard pressed to find a device that doesn't have some microelectronic or micro-mechanical parts in it.  Printed Circuit Boards or PCBs are everywhere.

  • Manual Inspection for PCBs

    Defining the best microscope configurations for accurate, repeatable, and consistent PCB inspection. What are you looking for, what configuration suits the application best, and what are the appropriate lighting techniques.

    Learn about Manual Inspection for PCBs
  • UV Curing

    UV adhesives advantageous optical, bioinert, and workability properties make it a great choice in manufacturing.

    Learn about UV Curing

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