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Buehler PetroThin Videos

PetroThin Thin-Sectioning System Overview

Buehler's PetroThin® Thin-sectioning System will prepare thin sections of minerals, ceramics, construction materials, and bone both rapidly and consistently for detailed characterization and quality assurance.

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Using the PetroThin for Thin Section Preparation

This video highlights the key features of Buehler’s PetroThin Thin Sectioning System.

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Decapsulation of Microelectronic Packages

DeCapsulation (Delidding) is vital for semiconductor and microelectronics failure analysis. Buehler's PetroThin is ideal for mechanical removal of polymer, ceramic and metal covered packages. Exposing the die circuitry and interconnections is essential for failure analysis as well as the identification of counterfeit components.

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