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Industrial Newsletter February 2021

white paper - solder joint failure analysis

In the first article of our new series on analytical lab processes, you will experience the steps of a typical workflow used to analyze and characterize a suspect solder joint. Future articles will explore specific processes in greater detail.

Read or download the full white paper at the link below:

WHITE PAPER: Analyzing Solder Joint Failure in the Lab

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Optic-Clean Lab Safety

Earn a FREE Optic-Clean™ for Your Lab

Optic-Clean is quickly becoming a MUST for lab worker safety worldwide, and we are currently looking for a few select customers to receive a unit at no charge in return for a little help.

If you are interested and able to help us:

  • Collect use data
  • Write a white paper AND/OR
  • Develop standard operating procedures (SOPs)

We are only accepting a few more requests! Act now to participate in this program.

Request Your Optic-Clean
Virtual Lab Tour

Virtual Lab Tour
⬇Video at the Link Below⬇

We run a full lab at JH Technologies in Fremont, CA to support your sample preparation, imaging and analysis. Come in any time to use the equipment and gain an understanding of how it would work for you (safe and socially distanced - or we can set up a virtual demo).

Here are just a few highlights, click below for full details and a virtual tour video.

  • Wet lab for sample preparation
  • High powered SEM inspection
  • Demonstration showroom with our entire product line of Leica microscopy solutions and Mitutoyo metrology instruments
  • The JH team of experts ready to assist with your application
  • Complete lab services - we do the work for you!
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Our promise is to provide innovative optical and digital imaging systems, metallography equipment, sample preparation tools and metrology instruments from proven, reliable manufacturers with accurate and timely responses to your inquiries.

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Mitutoyo Vision Sale

Mitutoyo Vision Overstock & Demo Sale

While supplies last.

Outfit your lab with the best gently used vision systems available from Mitutoyo. These will go quickly!

  • Quick Vision Elf with a compact design
  • Quick Scope equipped with surface, contour and light ring
  • Quick Image with a 3 megapixel color camera
  • Quick Vision for premier accuracy

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