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Industrial Newsletter November 2020

Microscope Use for Art Validation

The gentleman pictured above bought a painting at a yard sale—then realized it may be a Rembrandt. He has spent the past 8 years working to prove it. Research so far suggests the painting may very well have been painted in Rembrandt's era, which was from 1606 to 1669. We are polishing paint chips for analysis to help prove his theory.

If it IS a Rembrandt, it could be worth $200 million!

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Leica Science Week

Nov 10-12 Leica Science Week

This 3-day virtual event brings together some of the brightest minds in the scientific community to share research and discuss new imaging techniques, workflows, and advances in the world of microscopy.

Visit Leica for additional information:

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Optic-Clean UV Microscope Eyepiece Sanitizer

First Optic-Clean™ UV Microscope Eyepiece Sanitizer Units Ship This Month

Patent-pending Optic-Clean is the only product of its kind worldwide and was designed by our team to help keep your lab users safe.

Optic-Clean also saves you money on sanitizing supplies and chemicals.

  • Fast - sanitizes each eyepiece in about 60 seconds
  • Effective
  • Easy to Use
  • Verifiable
  • Eco-Friendly
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Leica Pandemic Relief

Save Now—Our Leica Pandemic Relief Promotion Ends Nov 27

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