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Available Instruments

Please contact us if you know of a deserving K-12 school, or if you have instruments to donate!

The purpose of our 'iFuSE' program is to provide tools to those people and institutions that will teach/train our scientists of the future. The JH Technologies team will gather new, used, and broken microscopes, repair them, and distribute them to organizations that focus on educating our children in grades K -12. These microscopes will be donated to qualifying schools and teaching organizations.

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Meet our Donors

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iFuse College of Marin

College of Marin Donates Microscopes

We are grateful to the College of Marin for the donated 50 instruments, which will be refurbished and donated to K-12 institutions to help educate and inspire future scientists.

iFuse Donations

Stereo Dissecting Microscopes from Cabrillo College

Cabrillo College donated 15 Biological Compound and Stereo Dissecting Microscopes to our program. All the instruments are refurbished by our experienced staff and will be donated to help educate and inspire future scientists.

University of Pacific donations

Biological Microscopes from University of Pacific

University of Pacific donated 12 Biological Compound Microscopes to our program. All the instruments were refurbished by our experienced staff and some of the refurbished instruments were donated to Blue Hill Harbor School.

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Recent Donations

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microscope donation Montana State

Microscope Exchange with Montana State

We worked with Montana State University's Dr. Madison Myers to exchange 12 POL polarized microscopes donated to our iFuSE program for two newer, more capable Leica microscopes for her teaching lab.

iFuSE Microscope Donation Oct 2020

Science Friday Way More Interactive with iFuSE

Our team was happy to refurbish and donate a Swift microscope to a group of parents teaching their kids about biology. These amazing parents have developed a science curriculum for their grade schoolers who are currently learning from home.

Donated Microscopes

iFuSE Program Donates Microscopes to Blue Hill Harbor School

iFuSE provided 3 biological compound microscopes and 3 dissecting microscopes to Blue Hill Harbor School in Maine.

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How to sign up for the iFuSE program?

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Please fill out and submit the below application to qualify for the equipment suiting to your specific needs.

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As a Donor

The success of this program depends upon the active participation and support of our customers and suppliers.

Why iFuSE?

  • Give tools to students that will be the scientists of the future
  • Receive credit towards new technology
  • Support your local community
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