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Buehler Videos

AbrasiMet M Introduction

The AbrasiMet M is a benchtop manual cutting machine for 10in [254mm] and 12in [305mm] blades that provides consistent sectioning results.

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AbrasiMet XL Pro Introduction

The AbrasiMet™ XL Pro is a floor standing automatic abrasive cutting machine for 14in - 356mm to 18in -457mm blades that provides consistent and repeatable cut quality for larger diameter samples. An intuitive user interface with programmable methods allows users to create and save multiple sectioning programs for quick access

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Diamet Tutorial: CHD testing with DiaMet

Taking the case-hardened depth (CHD) analysis as an example, the key to success is result generation in shortest possible time. The CHD test itself seems to be easy to perform. New imaging solutions such as scanning, and edge detection of the sample simplifies the placement of pre-programmed indent patterns across the sample.

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Multisample Testing with DiaMet

Buehler introduces DiaMet 1.7 – the latest in the automatic hardness testing software now has multi-sample capabilities to speed up hardness testing in busy environments.

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Wilson UH4000 Universal Tester Introduction

The UH4000 series universal hardness tester is designed for high volume production labs and production floor. The UH4000 series is available in two different configurations, i.e. the UH4250 and UH4750. Universal hardness testers are designed to perform several hardness scales with one machine, in most cases for higher loads greater than 5kgf.

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AutoMet Grinder Polisher Introduction

The AutoMet line of grinder and polisher machines are built for demanding production lab environments

AutoMet Family Products

Setting Up a Cut on the IsoMet High Speed

Learn how to set up a cut on the IsoMet High Speed Precision Saw.

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DiaMet Tutorial: Weld Testing with Vickers Hardness Scale

Weld seam inspection is a very important component in quality control and metallographic analysis. Buehler has developed its own software module for the DiaMet hardness testing software, which greatly simplifies welding seam measurements.

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EcoMet 30 Grinder Polisher Introduction

The EcoMet 30 provides simple operation for manual grinding and polishing. The comfortable splash guard design allows for excellent control while holding a part. Easy to use and easy to clean. Durability tested over 2500 hours and flexible enough to be compatible with 8in [203mm], 10in [254mm] and 12in [305mm] platens

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SimpliMet 4000 Mounting Press Introduction

The Fastest Mounting Press Designed for 24/7 Use. Eliminate bottlenecks at the mounting stage, rapidly transforming your cut samples to specimens ready for grinding and polishing

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IsoMet High Speed Precision Saw Introduction

Buehler's IsoMet High Speed Precision Saw is a table top precision saw that provides efficient and precise cuts with intuitive control.

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DiaMet Tutorial: Programs and Job Data

Learn how to set up Programs and Jobs in the DiaMet Hardness Testing Software.

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VibroMet 2 Vibratory Polisher Best Practices

Vibratory polishing is used on a variety of metallographic samples that require a high quality surface. This video demonstrates how to use the polisher from start to finish. Based on the types of samples and materials being prepared, it explains the variety of holders, polishing cloths and suspensions available. The end result is samples free of scratches, superior flatness, and edge and inclusion retention with minimal relief.

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Wilson VH1102 & VH1202 Micro-Hardness Tester Introduction

The Wilson VH1002-series offer a versatile, affordable, and reliable solution for accurate Knoop and Vickers hardness testing, both for quality control and for metallurgical research applications. The VH1002-series are easy to automate with the powerful DiaMet™ software.

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Wilson VH3300 Hardness Tester Introduction

The new Wilson VH3300 microhardness test system features a 6-position test head with up to three indenters and three zoom objectives, an automated X/Y sample stage available in two sizes (180 mm x 180 mm as standard) and a powerful image analysis system. A purpose-designed collision protection system helps to avoid accidental damage to the indenters and objectives due to operator errors

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Buehler's Heat Treat Solutions

This video displays and explains one of Buehler’s efficient ways how such a quality control process can be executed with the necessary hardness testing equipment, sample preparation machines and the high quality consumables that stand for its own

Printed Circuit Board Preparation

SamplKwick acrylic mounting compound is designed for rapid and effective encapsulation of PCB coupons. The PC-MET and PWB-MET accessories are designed for high volume labs, and where best repeatability and reproducibility is required. Watch this video to see how using these accessories, used with the EcoMet range of grinder-polishers, can improve productivity and provide excellent results in any PCB quality control laboratory.

Magnetic Backed Polishing Cloths Introduction

Buehler's Magnetic Backed Polishing Cloths save users time while providing excellent results.

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Decapsulation of Microelectronic Packages

DeCapsulation (Delidding) is vital for semiconductor and microelectronics failure analysis. Buehler's PetroThin is ideal for mechanical removal of polymer, ceramic and metal covered packages. Exposing the die circuitry and interconnections is essential for failure analysis as well as the identification of counterfeit components.

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