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Optic-Clean UV Microscope Eyepiece Sanitizer

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We are pleased to introduce the Optic-Clean™ UltraViolet Microscope Eyepiece Sanitizer

When using a microscope, telescope or similar equipment, your eyes regularly come in contact with the eyepieces.
The human eye is moist and warm, making it a natural breeding ground for viruses and bacteria and a likely place for transfer of these pathogens.
Now more than ever, sterilizing your eyepiece surfaces is critical to preventing the spread of disease.

Disinfecting Your Microscope Eyepieces

Until now, microscope eyepieces have typically been disinfected with a 70% alcohol solution using saturated wipes or liquid spray. This method:
  • Can be time consuming and inconsistent since it is a process heavily dependent on the technician
  • Impacts instrument functionality over time due to aggressive liquid chemical use
  • Creates waste using paper or cloth wipes

A New Non-Chemical Sterilization Method Using UVC Technology

Our new Optic-Clean™ UV Microscope Eyepiece Sanitizer uses ultraviolet C technology, a scientifically documented method of disrupting viruses and bacteria.

UVC is currently used worldwide for water & air purification, surface decontamination, food purification, and many other surface disinfecting applications.

Optic-Clean UV Microscope Eyepiece Sanitizer Specs

Optic-Clean UVC Microscope Eyepiece Sanitizer Product Overview

  • Inner reflective surface illuminates top and sides of eyepiece
  • Permanent eyepiece collet allows quick and repeatable attachment
  • Machined aluminum body sinks heat from UVC LED
  • Single “Go” activation w/green LED cycle complete indicator

Product Features

  • "Quick Mount" Interface
  • Push Button Start
  • Green Ready to Use Indicator Light
  • Flashing Blue In Process Indicator Light
  • Internally Reflective Body
  • Heat Sink Aluminum Housing
  • USB-C Power Interface
  • Power Supply and Cables

UVC Technical Details

  • Strongest germicidal effect between 200 to 280nm (UVC)
  • Readily available sources of UVC include Mercury Arc Lamps and LEDs
  • UVC germicidal effects known for over 100 years

Accessories Available

  • Power Bank
  • Single Carrying Case
  • Dual Carrying Case
  • "Verify" Radiometer with Probe

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