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Sensofar S neox

Active illumination Focus Variation vertically scans either optics (with very low depth-of-field) or the sample to obtain a continuous set of images of the surface.

The imaging technique included by the Confocal microscopes utilizes an aperture at the confocal plane of the objective. Out-of-focus light is thus prevented from entering the imaging system and only the in-focus plane on the sample is captured. 

Optical Interferometry makes use of the optical path difference between light reflected in the two arms of the interferometer (reference and sample) to yield an spatial interference pattern (interferograms) that contains information on the surface topology of the sample.

  • Stand structure

S neox design is ideal for obtaining a fast, noninvasive assessment of the micro- and nanogeometry of technical surfaces in multiple configurations. S neox provides the flexibility, durability and efficiency required from the standard setup for R&D and quality inspection laboratories to sophisticated, customized solutions for online process controls, measuring samples up to 300×300 mm2 and maximum height up to 350 mm. The S neox 3D optical profiler is a complete tool.

  • Motorized tip-tilt

The motorized tip-tilt has been designed to automatically level the sample in less than 3s. This device reduces sample preparation time, and allows sample leveling in multiple positions for automated applications. The auto-tilt function can be used with all imaging techniques

  • Motorized nosepiece

The motorized nosepiece can hold up to six objectives simultaneously, including brightfield and interferometry objectives. The SensoSCAN software handles the motorized change automatically and corrects automatically any possible parfocality adjustment.

  • Ring light

The Ring light is based on an LED ring for illuminating samples in a uniform and efficient way. It is mounted above and around the objective, the ring light provides an increased signal for the Ai Focus Variation technique. This ensures proper illumination at the focal plane.

  • Rotational stage

The Five Axis rotational stage consists of a high-precision motorized rotating A axis with 360º of endless rotation, 10 arc sec positioning repeatability, a motorized B axis, -30º to 110º, 0.5 arc sec resolution, with limit switch. It is equipped with a System3R clamping system and everything is fully integrated into the S neox design.

  • Insert holder

The insert holder is an optional accessory designed to position cutting tools in the precise location needed for measurement. It is compatible with all insert models currently on the market.


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