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Buehler SimpliVac™ Vacuum System

Buehler's new digital programmable vacuum system for cold mounting in epoxy offers excellent pour impregnation in a compact format. Using your compressed air source, this system quickly and efficiently pulls a vacuum to evacuate trapped air from any porous samples, resulting in optimized edge retention and additional support for processing delicate samples.

  • Large chamber diameter allows for a high volume of samples to be processed, while the sample tray also provides ample room for larger samples to fit easily in the chamber
  • Use our dispensing tubes and the built-in rotating turn table to dispense epoxy while under vacuum
  • Set the number of cycles, vacuum level and time under vacuum
  • Allows for multiple cycles to run without user interference, creating consistency while reducing active user time to process samples

SimpliVac™ Vacuum System Specifications
Voltage 100-240 VAC/ 50-60 HZ, Single Phase
Air input requirements 0.6MPa
Machine Size 12.8in (325mm) H x 19.2in (488mm) D x 18.6in (472mm) W
Weight 51Lbs (23kg)

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