Leica DM4 M

  • Automated microscope for reproducible results and time-saving work
  • New, clearly arranged display that shows all settings at a glance
  • The modular microscope design ensures a system that is perfectly tailored to specific needs
  • Optional, fully automated incident light axis for brightfield, darkfield, polarization, interference contrast, and fluorescence

Do you need to image, measure, and analyze similar features across many samples and materials? The Leica DM4 M manual routine inspection microscope offers advanced capability and optics in a platform with modern functionality.

You can easily recall previous microscope settings and instantly reproduce imaging parameters with the unique Store and Recall software functions. For every sample type.

One-button Intelligent Automation makes your repetitive work easy. Reduce training time, improve your workflow, and get brilliant imaging results every time with the microscope that doesn't forget.

•Save valuable time: With the Illumination Manager and Contrast Manager, the microscope automatically recognizes the selected contrast technique and objective in use, accurately opens and closes the aperture and field diaphragms, and adapts the light intensity.

•Share and compare your results – anytime and anywhere! Store and recall your microscope settings and camera parameters with the Leica Microscope Assistant (Leica LAS Store and Recall Module). They are saved and archived with the images, and can be restored at any time.

•The Leica Application Suite (LAS) software platform integrates the microscope, software, and camera into one package, focusing on efficiency in every aspect of the interface, functionality, and workflow.

•Work comfortably and quickly with the Leica DM4 M: A clearly arranged display shows all microscope settings at a glance. Six function keys make frequently used functions easily accessible – without looking up from the sample.

•LED illumination contributes to reproducible results – whether you work with brightfield (BF), High Dynamic Darkfield (HDF), Differential Interference Contrast (DIC), Fluorescence (FL), or Polarization (POL).

•Detect even the finest details with the fully automated differential interference contrast (DIC) and the 1.25 x Panorama objective.

•Manual 2-gear focus drive.

•Coded 6-fold or 7-fold objective nosepiece.

•Manual 3-plate stage ergonomically placed.

•Programmable function buttons.

Leica DM4 MLeica DM6 M
StandPower supplyIntegrated within standwithin electronics box CTR6 or CTR6 LED
DisplayInformation displayLeica SmartTouch with information and controls
Interfaces1 x USB 2.0, 1 x I2C2 x USB 2.0, 2 x I2C
2-ratio gearbox (coarse/fine)5 electronic ratios
includes parfocal function
switch between coarse and fine mode
memory locations for two z-positions
Objective turretAbsolute codedMotorized
– 6x M32 threadincludes dry and immersion mode
– 7x M25 thread (optional)6x M32 thread, 7x M25 thread (optional)
StageMechanicalMotorized (optional)
ceramic-coatedwith stepper motor
y-drive with beltswitch between fast and precision mode
removable stage drive with adjustable torqueincludes memory location for up to
110° swivel5 stage positions
left-handed version optionally availableMechanical
y-drive with belt
removable stage drive with adjustable torque
110° swivel
left-handed version optionally available
Controls6 programmable function buttons6 programmable function buttons
controls for z (focus) movement and x,y (stage) movement
4 programmable function buttons
Leica STP8000
controls for z (coarse and fine focus) and x,y (stage) movement
11 programmable function buttons
touchpanel with information and control panels
Specimen overview toolNoYes
Transmitted light axisIlluminationLEDeither 12 V 100 W halogen lamp or LED
Light manager: automatic Köhler light management sets the best values for aperture, field diaphragm, and light intensityYesYes
Contrast manager: switch from one contrast method to another with one push of a buttonYesYes
Constant Color Intensity Control: maintains a constant color temperature (3200 K)Not necessary for LEDYes for Halogen versions
Not necessary for LED
Contrast methodBF, PH, DF, ICT, POLBF, PH, DF, POL
DIC (fully automatic)
Incident light axisMotorized filter cube turret4-fold and 5-fold4-fold and 5-fold
IlluminationLED lamphousingLED lamphousing
Halogen illumination with external power supplyHalogen illumination with external power supply
Illumination Manager: Objective related setting of light intensity and aperture diaphragmYesYes
Contrast manager: switch from one contrast method to another with one push of a buttonYesYes
Round and square illuminated field diaphragms for ocular and camera observation (motorized)YesYes
CondensersAutomationcondenser head, motorizedcondenser head, motorized
7x condenser disk, motorized (optional)7x condenser disk, motorized (optional)
polarizer, motorized (optional)polarizer, motorized (optional)