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Leica DMi8

Researchers know that a shift of perspective often leads to the most exciting insights. So do we. The Leica DMi8 is the reinvention of inverted microscopy. It is as universal as your ideas, and as individual as your tasks. Find out how a shift to Leica DMi8 will inspire your work.

  • As Universal as Your Ideas

    With our Leica DMi8 platform, we reinvented inverted microscopy. From simple documentation to advanced imaging – one microscope stand meets all of your research needs. Facilitated by its modular and upgradable design, the Leica DMi8 portfolio goes from manual operation up to fully automated systems capable of advanced imaging.

  • As Individual as Your Tasks

    Your sample is at the center of our focus. The Leica DMi8 is perfectly adapted to the needs of your work. With optimized microscope features, your individual sample will always stay in the spotlight.

  • From observation to interaction – Leica DMi8 opens new dimensions for your research

    One fluorescence port is good, but two are better. If your scientific interest exceeds standard imaging methods, a single fluorescence port is not enough. The Leica DMi8 enables you to couple a second light source via an additional access point:

  • The Infinity Port

    Direct access to the infinite light path allows you to connect an additional light source for techniques like FRAP, photo activation, laser ablation, laser tweezing, or optogenetics.

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