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Leica EM GP2

The updated version of the EM GP automatic plunge freezer is based on our motto ‘with the users for the user’ in combining performance and flexibility in a practically-relevant way.

The EM GP2 plunge freezes fluid or extremely thin samples spread on an electron microscopy grid into liquid ethane after removing excess fluid by automatic blotting.

Prior to freezing the sample is maintained in a temperature and humidity controlled environmental chamber, adjustable between +4°C and +60°C and room humidity to 99 %.

Reproducible Results Within Minutes

Micrographs A and B show images of microtubules acquired at 20000x (A) and 39000x (B) nominal magnification in the hiles of the perforated carbon film. The ice is free of exogenous contamination, the protofilaments and the individual tubulin subunits are clearly visible along the length of the microtubules

Courtesy of Dr. Guenter Resch, Nexperion E.U. - Solutions for Electron Microscopy; Dr. Thomas Heuser and Marlene Brandstetter, Vienna, Biocenter Core Facilities GmbH

User Safety

Safe and reproducible preparation for single particle analysis and cryo-tomography.

  • Special rapid condensing liquefier head for easy and save fill of secondary cryogen
  • Fixed secondary cryogen position, only environmental chamber movement


Freezing grids reproducibly and safely using the EM GP2 automatic plunge freezer

  • Sensor blotting gives equal distributes surface on grid for perfect imaging results
  • Temperature stability of secondary cryogen
  • Temperature and humidity controlled protected environment


To be connected at any time at any place is today something which is taken for granted

As a logical consequence Leica Microsystems started to connect systems for EM Sample Preparation to ensure your samples are protected during the complete workflow process

Sample Safety

  • Dry Nitrogen Gas Flow environment
  • Sample Storage and Transfer in liquid face using transfer container with pre-cooled grid box
  • Customized adapter for optimized and safe sample transfer from the automatic plunge freezer EM GP2 to different cryo TEMs


Depending on your needs the EM GP2 automatic plunge freezer can be configured individually by using different blotting types and parameters:

  • Sensor controlled blotting
  • Automated or manual single, double and multiple blotting
  • Environmental parameter – Temperature and Humidity
  • Blotting Parameter – Pre-Blot, Blot, Post-Blot time, Blot and Transfer Positions

Operating Conditions



Room Temperature

+15 to +30 °C

+21 to +24 °C

Room Rel. Humidity

Max. 55 %

Around 40 %

Storage Temperature

+5 to +35°C

+21 to +24 °C

Storage Humidity

Max. 55 %

Around 40 %

Room Ventilation

Required at all times during operation.

Environmental Chamber


Temperature Control

+4 to +60 °C

Humidity Control

Room Humidity to 99%

Chamber Features

Light (LED), Anti-Fog Heating



LN2 Dewar Volume

1 l

Dewar Temperature

-196 °C

Dewar bake-out Temperature

Max. +110°C

LN2 Consumption

~ 1 l/h1

  1TF 50%, Dewar covered with lid, secondary cryogen temperature -180°C

Preparation Chamber


Allowed Secondary Cryogen

Ethane / Propane

Secondary Cryogen Container Temperature

0 to -196 °C

Secondary Cryogen Container Volume

2.5 ml