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Leica S9I

Continuously improving production, keeping defect rates low, and communicating with your customers is challenging. Leica developed the S9 series of stereo microscopes to help you solve these challenges. These microscopes feature outstanding Leica optical quality with our patented FusionOptics technology allowing you to see three times the greater depth, minimizing hand motion needed to constantly change the magnification. This single feature has the added benefit of speeding up inspection and rework processes by as much as 20% increasing your ROI.

The S9 comes in 3 configurations:

  • S9E for general inspection and rework
  • S9i which includes a built-in camera for documentation, measurement, and training
  • S9D is ready to accept a digital camera.

A wide range of stands and lighting make these instruments useable for a large variety of applications in industries such as:

  • Medical device manufacturing
  • Electronics manufacturing, assembly, and rework
  • Forensics
  • Education
  • Materials Science
  • Mineralogy

  • FusionOptics Technology

    See 3 times more depth of field => 12mm. View tall and short objects without having to focus.

  • Integrated 10 Mega-Pixel CMOS Camera (S9I or S9D)

    Save, store, and share images and videos. Free software included or use without a computer with a direct connection to any HDMI monitor.

  • Magnification Range 6.1X to 55x Standard (Up to 275X with optional objectives and eyepieces)

    Additional objectives and Eyepieces offer both higher and lower magnifications to suit the application while the 9:1 zoom ratio provides the largest range for an instrument in this class

  • Long Working Distance 122mm

    Offers plenty of room under the microscope allowing the use of large hand tools such as soldering irons and tweezers with the use of a supplementary lens

  • Made of Static Dissipative Materials

    The safer working environment for static-sensitive processes.

  • Ergonomic Design

    Allows technicians to sit upright reducing neck and shoulder stress and strain creating a more comfortable working position increasing productivity

  • Detented Click Stops

    Allows repeatable inspection processes at specific magnifications. Also maintains greater measurement readability whether through the provided LASX software or through the eyepiece reticle.

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