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Leica MC170 HD

Leica's 5MP microscope camera with c-mount interface that offers easy documentation and basic imaging with measurement capability. It produces high-quality, full-color still images and Full-HD movie clip recordings for all microscopic applications. The camera can be used stand alone without a PC – then camera commands will be made by a wireless remote control. It can also be connected to a PC or Notebook and offers full compatibility with LAS and its many add-on LAS modules. A dual live video stream to a PC and to any imaging device with HDMI interface with minimal lag time allows you to setup a specimen while comfortably looking at a flat screen.

  • Standalone Operation

    Standalone operation without PC available – ready to capture 5Mpixel still images or Full-HD movie clips within seconds and directly to a removable SD card.

  • Fast Live Image

    Live images updating in Full HD resolution at up to 30fps - convenient for microscopic sample setup or for sharing live video in a team.

  • High-Quality Digital Images

    Superb color image quality with overlay capability built into the camera for adding crosshairs, scale bars or any user-defined image data to the live or captured images.

  • Wireless Remote Control

    Set all camera parameters wirelessly, capture your images or movie clips by simply pushing a button, and then go back and review those clips on-screen as well.

  • Powerful Leica Software

    The MC170 HD can also be connected via USB2 to any PC and offers full compatibility with powerful Leica application suite (LAS) for additional image analysis, archiving or measuring capabilities.