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Repair and Maintenance Service

Microscope Preventative Maintenance

Prevent costly repairs from occuring with preventative maintenance and sign up today to get your microscopes serviced on a yearly schedule. 
Preventative maintenance includes the following:
       Thorough cleaning of all exposed optics, filters and light source window
       Thorough cleaning of the exterior
       Check and adjust parcentration and parfocality where applicable
       Set proper light path alignment if system is capable
       Camera and software functionality check

Our service department has extensive experience servicing and maintaining the equipment within the Leica family as well as most other brands. The following is a checklist of the steps performed during the PM visit.

Pre-cleaning inspection and evaluation microscope station checked for functionality and any potential problems

Disassembly of the microscope station into individual major components

Thorough cleaning of all exposed optics, filters, light source window, and the exterior microscope

Reassembly of microscope station and functionality check

Check and adjust parcentration and parfocality where applicable

Set proper light path alignment if unit is capable

Camera and software functionality check

Affix service label and post-inspection noting any problem areas

If requested, we can also provide PM (Preventative Maintenance) certificates for each of your units separately or on a master list. The PM Certificates will describe what transpired during the visit and any problems found.

It is highly recommended that service be done on a bi-annual basis at a minimum. Service can also be done three to four times a year depending on the activity level and cleanliness of your location. 

Evaluation and Repair

General services are billed at $199/hour plus parts. You are under no obligation to repair your equipment. On-site evaluations are available (on-site evaluations entail added costs and will be quoted upon request)

Our evaluation process:

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Before sending your microscope to us, we will provide you with an Evaluation quote. A purchase order or credit card for this quoted amount is enough to get things started. We will also provide a Return Authorization (RMA) number for tracking

Once we have evaluated your equipment, we will provide a follow-up quote for the repair cost. Your purchase order can then be amended for the repair amount or new purchase order can be issued

Some repairs prove to be more expensive than they are worth. If we find this to be the case, we will inform you and give you an option to buy a new microscope or accessory. Should you choose to buy new rather than repair, we will not charge for the evaluation of your original equipment

Sample Prep Equipment Service Plans

Prevent downtime by signing up for preventative maintenance! 

Preventative maintenance for Buehler machines includes cleaning the entire system and replacing all of the commonly failed parts, i.e. belts, gaskets, water lines, and solenoids. Once the system is completed and then tested.

Abrasimatic Service Plan Steps

AutoMet Service Plan

CP-8000+ Service Plan

Delta Service Plan

EcoMet Service Plan

IsoMet Service Plan

IsoMet High Speed Service Plan

MetaServe Service Plan

PlanarMet Service Plan

SimpliMet Service Plan

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