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Buehler Epoxy Systems

Epoxy mounting systems are recommended for mounting specimens that are sensitive to high pressures and temperatures. Buehler's epoxy products provide good physical adherence, low shrinkage, and excellent infiltration into pores.

  • Epoxy chemistry is a complex balance of many factors including shrinkage, cure time, viscosity, and adherence
  • Each lab application requires a slightly different priority of these factors and our line of epoxies have been specially developed to provide the ideal product for your application
  • Some applications require the performance of epoxies but demand a quick cure time. EpoKwick FC and EpoHeat CLR are the ideal products for these applications
  • EpoHeat CLR can cure in as little as 60 minutes with a curing oven, while EpoKwick FC cures in 120 minutes at room temperature
  • EpoThin 2 offers excellent infiltration, great edge retention, and a low peak temperature to deliver high-quality mounts

Epoxy Mounting Systems Specifications

Product Cure Time Peak Exotherm Shrinkage Viscosity Pot Life Shore D Hardness
EpoxyCure 2 6hrs @ 
room temperature
104°F [40°C] Good Better 30 min ~80
EpoHeat CLR 1hr @ 
149°F [65°C]
324°F [162°C] Best Good 270 min ~82
EpoThin 2 9hrs @ 
room temperature
149°F [65°C] Better Better 60 min ~78
EpoKwick FC 2hrs @ 
room temperature
250°F [121°C] Best Best 10 min ~82

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