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Repair & Service

Evaluation and Repair and general services are billed at $175/hour plus parts. Evaluating microscopes for possible repair is generally done at our Fremont facility where our technicians can do a complete evaluation and advise estimated repair costs. You are under no obligation to repair your equipment. On-site evaluations are available (on-site evaluations entail added costs and will be quoted upon request)

Our evaluation process:

Before sending your microscope to us, we will provide you with an Evaluation quote. A purchase order or credit card for this quote amount is enough to get things started. We will also provide a Return Authorization (RMA) number for tracking

Once we have evaluated your equipment, we will provide a follow-up quote for the repair cost. Your purchase order can then be amended for the repair amount or a new purchase order can be issued

JH Technologies only charges for the evaluation or repair, not both. We will charge the evaluation amount if you decide not to repair – OR – we will charge the repair amount (waiving the evaluation fee) if you go ahead with the repair

Some repairs prove to be more expensive than they are worth. If we find this to be the case, we will inform you and give you an option to buy a new microscope or accessory. Should you chose to buy new rather than repair, we will not charge for the evaluation of your original equipment

We hope this information is helpful and look forward to helping when you need service assistance. For further information, or to get your repair process started, please Contact Us and note the reason as "I am requesting service".