Repair & Service

Repairs and general service will be billed at $150/hour plus parts. All repairs will be performed at JH Technologies. Due to the difficulty in evaluating microscopes for repair without seeing it firsthand, we generally require you to send your microscope to our facility. Our technicians will do a complete evaluation and advise you of the estimated repair costs; you are under no obligation to repair your equipment.

In order to do a proper evaluation, microscopes & parts must be dissembled and evaluated by a repair technician. There is a $25 evaluation for each monocular microscope and a $50 fee for each binocular microscope. Small non-optical parts such as mechanical stages require a $25 evaluation fee, all optical components such as objectives, condensers and binocular bodies require a $50 evaluation fee. All evaluation fees will be waived and deducted from the repair estimate should you decide to have your item repaired. Return shipping, handling, and insurance will be charged at our cost. Specialty microscopes may incur higher evaluation charges. For further information please Contact Us and note the reason as "I am requesting service".