Buehler Acrylic Systems

  • Increased Mounting Throughput
  • Quick, Easy Mixing
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Acrylic mounting systems offer a short cure time and are recommended for mounting specimens that are sensitive to high pressures and temperatures. Buehler's offering includes many products designed for different applications

•With cure times as low as 5 minutes, our line of acrylics is designed to increase throughput in your mounting process while providing consistent results

•After a quick measure, only a short mixing time is required to fully combine the two components and begin creating your mounts

ProductCure Time @ room temp.Peak ExothermShrinkageViscosityPot LifeShore D Hardness
SamplKwick5-8 min~179°F [79°C]MediumMedium/High<5min~85
VariKleer5-15 min~212°F [100°C]MediumMedium<5min~84
VariDur 108 min~212°F [100°C]MediumMedium/High<5min~80
VariDur 2005-8 min~212°F [100°C]LowMedium/High<5min~85
VariDur 300315-30 min~252°F [122°C]Very LowMedium<5min~90

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