Buehler PetroThin

  • Increase accuracy and parallelism of samples
  • Precise cut location control

The PetroThin Thin Sectioning System is a precise, easy-to-use instrument for re-sectioning and thinning a wide variety of samples, such as rocks and minerals, ceramics, concrete, bone, and teeth for performing materials characterization

•To avoid the need to remove the glass slide between steps with a diamond cutting blade and a diamond grinding cup wheel

•Single spindle design ensures parallelism of sample edges by eliminating the need to remove the glass slide between steps

•Two precision micrometers are used for controlling re-sectioning and thinning.

•Precision of resections and grinds material within ±5µm

Buehler PetroThin

      Buehler PetroThin  

Voltage/Frequency115VAC @ 60Hz, 220VAC @ 50Hz, 1 phase
Motor Power1/3 Hp [250W]
Wheel Diameter8in [203mm]
Precision Grinding± 5µm
Wheel Speed34-1450-160: 220rpm; 38-1450-250: 2100rpm