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COVID-19 Update

Your well-being is our top priority. Our focus is on the safety and health of our staff, their families, our customers, and our suppliers. Our thoughts go out to those that have contracted the virus and especially those who have lost loved ones and friends. As our world changes daily, we strive to meet the changes head-on and work to maintain a safe environment for all.

What are we doing?

Our entire staff is working primarily from home.

  • Email is the preferred method of communication, but our office phones are fully operational as well

Sales and technical support staff are available via phone, text, email, and online.

  • We do provide equipment to some essential industries including hospitals, medical device manufacturer’s, defense, food and agriculture, water and wastewater, and law enforcement.                 
  • CISA Guidance on Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers 
  • Our intent is to support our customers through the best method available:                                 
    • Online technical support and product demonstrations are available on a scheduled basis.
    • Phone, Text and email
    • On-site visit (last choice and under rigorous adherence to state and federal guidelines for social distancing and cleanliness)

Shipping and Receiving

  • Our docks are open on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s 9am-4pm
    • All incoming packages are sanitized with FDA recommended solutions
    • All outgoing packages are handled with rubber gloves
    • All shipping and receiving surfaces are treated daily with sanitizer

Cleanliness Protocols

  • Anyone coming to our Fremont office will be asked to wash their hands and use the hand sanitizer provided if available
  • All staff are required to wash their hands upon entry to any of our facilities and continue regularly while onsite.
  • Wipe down of any surfaces being touched or used both before and after use
  • Must maintain a 6-foot clearance from nearest individual.
  • Must wear rubber gloves when on customer site or at JH site.
  • Under no circumstances will one of our staff or a customer be allowed entry into our facility with any kind illness signs of symptoms associated with COVID-19

We will adjust these guidelines and protocols as needed. We wish you all good health