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Stereo Microscope Fluorescence Adapter

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The SFA Stereo Microscope Fluorescent Adapter allows you to easily add powerful fluorescent illumination to your Leica EZ4 or S9 Series Microscope

On the S9i, the fluorescence adapter enables you to identify impurities, making it a flexible, cost-effective and valuable tool for mineralogy.

  • Use with or without a camera
  • Easy to install
  • Barrier filter attaches magnetically
Leica EZ4 W Stereo Microscope
Florescent illumination
Zebrafish in fluorescence, grasshopper in white light and fluorescence

Leica EZ4 Series Micrscopes

The Leica EZ4 educational stereomicroscope with 4.4:1 zoom is perfect for entry level university and college courses such as biology, anatomy and chemistry.

The Leica EZ4 W stereo microscope takes the science classroom to a whole new level with a wireless education solution. The 5-megapixel Wi-Fi camera of the Leica EZ4 W can live-stream HD images to students’ smartphones or tablets.

Leica S9 Series Microscopes

Continuously improving production, keeping defect rates low, and communicating with your customers is challenging. Leica developed the S9 series of stereo microscopes to help you solve these challenges.

  • Leica S9E for general inspection and rework
  • Leica S9I which includes a built in camera for documentation, measurement, and training
  • Leica S9D ready to accept a digital camera


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