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Leica FS C

The modular Leica FS C motorized comparison macroscope is used for a wide range of forensic investigations including ballisticstoolmark, and document comparison. Intelligent Automation combines with outstanding ergonomic design.

The five apochromatically-corrected macro objectives feature a high numerical aperture and built-in, adjustable iris diaphragms for top optical performance.

Different imaging modes (split image, superimposed image and combined image) are set at the press of a button. This convenient platform provides increased reproducibility, accuracy, and efficiency.

  • Apo macro objectives

    Apo macro objectives are parfocal and telecentric to reveal the tiniest detail; with the motorized magnification changer (Factor 1.5x), 10 calibrated magnification steps are available.

  • Special object mountings

    Can be equipped with special object mountings including rotary stages, large object stages, tilting stages, bullet holders, and various mounts for different objects.

  • Motorized bridge functions

    Motorized bridge functions, X/Y stage movement, focus drives; and synchronous X-Y-Z movement even via remote devices Leica SmartMove or Leica STP6000 are just a few of the unique features.