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AbrasiMet M

The AbrasiMet M is a bench-top manual cutting machine with 10in [254mm] and 12in [305mm] blades that provide consistent sectioning results. The sliding door allows easy access to the cutting chamber to quickly position samples for cutting. A powerful motor and ergonomic cutting arm provide a smooth and efficient cutting motion. The AbrasiMet M is a durable machine that provides users with a quick, clean and simple solution for their cutting needs.

Effortless cutting action

  • No tools required to change abrasive blades. Simply loosen the nut by hand and install your next blade.
  • Adjust the length and angle of the cutting arm to provide a comfortable and effortless manual cutting motion.
  • Reduce the frequency and time required to clean the recirculation tank. A filtration screen and dual tank design removes particulate from the coolant and simplifies cleaning.

Durable machine for demanding environments

  • Trust the AbrasiMet M in the most demanding environments. The AbrasiMet M has been designed to withstand the repetitive cutting of challenging materials.

Dynamic performance

  • Reduce sectioning process time by making two cuts in a single cycle with the dual blade feature. Set the desired cut thickness and perform your cut.
  • Select the diameter of the blade being used to optimize the cutting performance.

AbrasiMet™ M Specifications
Operation Manual
Motor Power at 220VAC 5.5hp[4kW]
Main Power 200-240VAC or 380-460VAC
3 Phase, 50/60Hz
Blade Movement Axis Z-Axis
Max Sample Width 25in[635mm]
Blade Sizes 10in[254mm] | 12in[304mm]
Blade Table Clearance 6.8in[172mm] | 5.8in[147mm]
Cut Capacity 4.3in[109mm]
Blade Speed 3000rpm | 2600rpm
Lighting 2 LED strips
Dual Blade Cutting Width 0.06in-1in[1.52mm-25.4mm]
@.6in increments
Machine Dimensions Width: 31.1in[791mm]
Depth: 27.3in[694mm]
Height: 25.7in[653mm] hood closed
Height: 36.2in[919mm] hood open
T-Slot Table Dimensions 9.8in x 7.1in[250mm x 180mm](L)
9.8in x 4.5in[250mm x 115mm](R)
Safety Features Interlock Hood Switch, Emergency Stop
Compliance CE Directives

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