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Buehler Diamond Grinding Discs

Diamond grinding discs offer a long-wear surface that provides excellent surface flatness for a wide variety of materials. Buehler offers multiple different products depending on the material being processed.

  • Fixed diamond particles in Buehler's Diamond Grinding Discs provide consistent removal rates and extended lifetime with only an occasional dressing to maintain the surface
  • Diamond Grinding Discs offer superb edge retention and excellent flatness making them the perfect choice for controlled material removal on automated systems
  • Grinding hard materials requires a different type of surface than grinding softer materials
  • Buehler's Diamond Grinding Discs offer customized solutions for different material types to ensure efficient and consistent grinding

Diamond Grinding Discs Specifications

CGD: Provides very high removal rate with excellent flatness designed for materials not susceptible to excessive damage; excellent for high strength materials and stock removal.
DGD Mosaic: Provides high material removal rate with good surface quality and great flatness; excellent for strong materials and stock removal.
DGD Ultra: Provides relatively high removal rate with good surface quality; great for initial grinding steps for samples with mixed hardness materials.
DGD Color: Provides good removal rate with great surface quality, flatness, and consistency; great for a wide range of materials especially softer metals.
DGD Terra: Provides very gentle removal rate with excellent flatness and surface quality; excellent for brittle and delicate materials (e.g. ceramics, glass)

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