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Buehler IsoMet High Speed

The IsoMet High Speed is a table top precision saw that provides efficient and precise cuts with intuitive control. The innovative machine and vise designs make setup quick and simple. Align cuts quickly by using x-axis blade movement, and tool-less vising adjustment. Precision and abrasive cut samples are now made quicker without impacting cut quality.

  • Simple touch screen layout for quickly changing cut parameters
  • Active icons to visually represent machine parameters
  • In seconds adjust your sample placement with the rapid rail and vising system.
  • Automatic precision sectioning for consistent and repeatable results
  • Program serial sectioning to make multiple cuts at a time
  • Cut delicate samples with precise accuracy
  • Minimizes damage to system and sample with SmartCut™ by adjusts feed rate
  • Compatible with external recirculating system for abrasive sectioning
  • Manual sectioning with joystick controls
  • Blade size: Range for this saw: 3” to 8”

IsoMet High Speed Precision Cutter Specifications

Operation IsoMet High Speed IsoMet High Speed Pro
Cut Operation Automatic, Manual, or SmartCut control Linear Blade Feed
Units English and Metric
Blade Movement Axis Horizontal and Linear (X, Y)
Display 6.5in LCD Display with LED Backlighting
Controls Touch Screen; Precision Controllers
Lighting 2 LED Strip
Adjustable brightness
Programming Retains Last Settings
Serial Sectioning
Laser   Optional Green Laser
Blade Position Settings Horizontal: 0 - 2in [0 - 50mm]
Cut Length Range   .01 - 7.25in [1mm - 184mm]
Cut Length Increment 0.01in [.25mm]
Feed Rate Range .04 - 1in/min [1.2 - 25.4mm/min]
Feed Rate Increment 0.01in increments [1mm increments]
Blade Speed 1000-5000rpm
Cut Capacity (Diameter) 2.8in [71mm]
Coolant Systems Built-in Recirculating System, 1gal [4L]
Flow Rate Wash Down Hose 2L/min
Flow Rate on Blade 2.5L/min
Wafering Blade Diameters 3 - 8in [76 - 203mm]
Abrasive Blade Diameters 5 - 8in [127 - 200mm]
Cut Chamber Size 9in x 20in [228mm x 508mm]
Machine Dimensions Width: 24in [610mm]
Depth: 30in [762mm]
Height (Hood Opened): 36in [915mm]
Height (Hood Closed): 19in [483mm]
Weight 157Lbs[71.2kg]
Motor Power at 220VAC 2.68Hp [2kW]
Main Power 100 - 240VAC, 50-60Hz, 1 Phase
Noise Level 58dB
Safety Features Interlock Hood Switch, Emergency Stop
Compliance CE Directives

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