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Mitutoyo Toolmakers Microscope

The Mitutoyo TM Series is a toolmaker’s microscope well suited for measuring dimensions and angles of machined metals. It can also be used to check the shape of screws and gears by attaching an optional reticle. The compact body makes it ideal for use on shop-floors with limited space.

The TM Series is available with a range of optional accessories making the systems flexible and cost-effective. Optional accessories include eyepieces and objectives to change magnification, reticles for angular and screw pitch measurements, workpiece holders, X-Y stages, rotary tables, digital micrometers, digital cameras, and digital readout with advanced measurement capabilities.

  • Observation image: Erect image
  • Optical tube: Monocular (diopter adjustable) Depression angle: 30º Reticle: 90º broken cross-hair (176-126)
  • Angle reading: Range: 360º Minimum reading: 6' (by vernier)
  • Eyepiece: 15X (176-116), View field dia.: 13mm Optional: 10X, 20X
  • Objective: 2X (176-138), Working distance: 67mm Optional: 5X, 10X
  • Contour illumination: Light source: Tungsten bulb (24V, 2W), Functions: With green filter, Light intensity adjustable
  • Surface illumination: Light source: Tungsten bulb (24V, 2W), Functions: Light intensity adjustable
  • Simple go/no-go judgement of multiple workpieces