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New S Lynx 2 Optical Surface Profiler

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Cost effective, Compact, with Advance Features

A New Game Changing Surface Profiler

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S lynx 2 - Powerful, Compact 3D Optical Profiler for Non-destructive Surface Metrology.

This versatile system enables high-resolution measurements of surface roughness, volume, step heights, critical dimensions, and more. With its robust design and easy operation, the S lynx 2 3D optical profiler delivers precision metrology for research, manufacturing, and quality control across diverse industries like semiconductors, optics, MEMS, data storage, and precision mechanics.

Fast Aquisition

The innovative S lynx 2 offers three powerful, high-speed measurement techniques in one compact system:

  • Interferometry
  • Confocal
  • Focus Variation

The S lynx 2's dynamic trio of interferometry, confocal, and focus variation measurement modes ensures accurate 3D optical profilometry across the widest range of materials and surfaces. This multi-mode 3D optical profiler automatically selects the optimal measurement technology for each sample, whether ultra-smooth, rough, or with large height variations. This guarantees unparalleled accuracy and flexibility for surface roughness, critical dimension, step height, volume and other nanoscale metrology applications involving semiconductors, MEMS, optics, ceramics, metals and more.

Fast Data Processing

The S lynx 2 3D optical profiler offloads data acquisition calculations to its integrated sensor head, freeing up the full computing power of the connected PC for rapid data analysis and visualization. This streamlined architecture accelerates your measurement workflow from acquisition to reporting.

Onboard processing enables:

  • Faster generation of 3D surface maps, profiles and statistics
  • Efficient handling of high-density data sets
  • Quicker turnaround on surface roughness, dimensions, defects and more
  • Smoother real-time rendering of 3D topographic images

By optimizing acquisition separately from analysis, the S lynx 2 provides responsive performance and a seamless user experience for demanding surface metrology applications across industries like semiconductors, optics, MEMS and precision manufacturing.

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Compact Table-top Design

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