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When to use the different Interferometry techniques?

Learn how to get the most out of your optical profilometer knowing when to use each of the different interferometry techniques

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How to apply templates on SensoVIEW

Sensofar’s unique analysis software, SensoVIEW, includes an extensive set of tools for examination and analysis of 3D or 2D measurements, allowing roughness or volume calculations and measuring critical dimensions (angles, distances, diameters).

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S wide - How to measure with our Fringe Projection optical system?

Measuring with an S wide, fringe projection system, is so incredibly fast and easy, we only needed 2 minutes of video to show you! In this example, we measure two samples with completely different shapes and textures to show the incredible versatility of the equipment.

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S neox Five Axis - How to maximize the automation capabilities using new SensoFIVE software?

The S neox Five Axis 3D Optical profiler combines a high-accuracy rotational module with the advanced inspection and analysis capabilities of the S neox.

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S neox - How does it works the motorized tip-tilt for our 3D profilometer?

The S neox motorized tip-tilt has been designed to automatically level the sample in less than 3s. This device reduces sample preparation time, and allows sample leveling in multiple positions for automated applications.

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